Serbia Fashion Week, April 2017


Serbia has managed to impose itself on the world fashion map with an event that attracts season after season, international designers.

Every time I get the invitation to participate in this event, I am delighted. More than that because I come back to a beautiful city where my I meet my friends. In this way, I thank Svetlana Horvat, the president of Serbia Fashion Week for every season she invites me. If I am still in the thank-you chapter, I want to tell you that all this season of Serbia Fashion Week, I had Men’s Club outfits and I thank Raul Stor for this.

One of the most beautiful aspects of a fashion week are the people I meet every time and from whom I have to learn something.

The eighth edition of Serbia Fashion Week was spectacular and debuted in the center of Novi Sad. For several hours, the pedestrian street in the center was the zero point of fashion in Serbia. 50 designers have made a collage in the street, which was transformed into a podium for models. Serbia’s representative at Eurovision 2017, Tijana Bogicevic was the one who opened the show with one of her most famous songs, “In too deep”. The Philharmonic Orchestra and the famous Serbian drummer Dragoljub Djurici and his band followed this.

This season, Serbia Fashion Week has gathered designers from over 30 countries, including Dair (Holland), Elena Rudermel (Russia), Eymeric Francois (France), Mister Triple X (USA), Romero Bryan (UK) Winterstan (France) and others.

In addition, some of Serbia’s best-known designers took part in this fashion week. Zvonko Markovic, Marija Sabic, Suzana Peric, Vasilije Kovacev, Bosko Jakovljevic, Mladen Milivojevic Baron or Ana Vasiljevic were just some of those who presented their latest collections on Serbia Fashion Week podium.

The program that the organizers drew up was intense but well done, so we also had a series of seminars that dealt with fashion themes.

In order to better understand the atmosphere of Serbia Fashion Week and have a front row experience, I have prepared a daily video review and of course, a general one in which the impressions of all those present at this event appear. Therefore, I invite you to play every day, but at the same time do not forget the interviews with designers, to see what the inspirations were for each collection.



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