Balkan Fashion Week 2017, Day 3


The program of a fashion week is quite complex. From profile workshops to fashionable installations or catwalk presentations.

The third day of Balkan Fashion Week began with Jolita Manolova’s workshop “Visual merchandising and styling”. The people who attended have been able to learn the tricks of promoting their work and how good merchandising or a good styling can bring profit to the company. Following the theory of this workshop, we entered in the imagination world of the story “Alice in Wonderland” through the artistic installation signed by Madame Demode from Croatia. She presented a collection addressed to both women and men, to those brave people who do not care too much when choosing an outfit. The castle decoration from the NuBoyana film studios has perfectly matched the theme of Madame Demode.

From the castle, I stepped into the American village for the collection of the Avenew House. Greek designer Lena Papageorgiou presented her latest collection “Dichotomy”. It combines neoprene with leather to create a unique style and shapes.

Then it was the turn of Bulgarian fashion schools, mainly students from the Sofia Academy of Arts and New Bulgarian University.

Laz Zebras of Greece remains on the set provided by NuBoyana studios, presenting the collection signed by Eva Gounari. The imaginary journey from the black continent, Africa, was full of elegant jackets and original African music.

The third day of Balkan Fashion Week was a fashionable and socialized one with professional people in this field, but especially because we managed to see the fashion concept from 3 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece.



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