Abed Mahfouz brings the elegance and refinement of Lebanon to catwalk


Abed Mahfouz is a Lebanese designer who began his career in 1985 with a small bridal dress store he opened with his sister in Beirut. Since then, he has continued to create bridal gowns and couture pieces, highly acclaimed at all fashion shows in the world, but also by Hollywood stars.

In addition to the high-quality materials it uses in its creations, the designer is known in the fashion world for the unprecedented use of embroidery. With each collection, he says he is trying to find new ways to use the embroidery in the pieces he creates.

The designer states that all of his creations are for beautiful women, and if we consider that all women in the world are beautiful, we can say that his pieces are for everyone.

The bridal dress is indispensable on the podium of Abed Mahfouz. It ends each presentation and certainly impresses with a lot of novelty elements, either through the style it is approached or by the unusual way to associate materials.


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