Balkan Fashion Week 2017, Day 5


In an extraordinary set of ancient Rome, Balkan Fashion Week ended. The fifth day was an exceptional one and was opened by Yana Konjagulova’s installation from Bulgaria. For the collection she presented, Yana used imported materials such as silk, cotton and lace. The gowns have excelled in the embroidery and accessories that gave a unique look to each dress.

The followed the fashion shows on the podium and the one who broke the ice was the Greek fashion house Athena by Tranoulis. The “Take me home” collection was meant to be a protest for the recovery of all pieces of marble from the Parthenon, the temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, on the acropolis of Athens, a masterpiece of Greek architecture. Through fashion, Athena and Anastasios Tranoulis want to be a voice in the world for this cause.

“Extravagance and masculinity” was the name of the collection signed by the young Bulgarian designer Bogomil Peychev and was dedicated to the hard sex. The outfits were classic but contained modern elements to highlight a firm man.

MP Design by Megi Petkova followed on the Balkan Fashion Week podium with a collection for women. Designer Maggie Petkova saw the woman as a cult, a confident, modern, gentle and feminine woman who does not go unnoticed!

Two Bulgarian designers united their creativity and talent to bring on the podium a combination of minimalist clothes with avant-garde or colourful style and accessories. I refer here to Gloria Dimitrova and Vladislava Lupo or to their brands, Provocative and Plik.

A very interesting installation was the one signed by the Greek designer, Nefelia. “Mirror, mirror” was 14 minutes of theatrical fashion and five models including the designer. The accessories turned out to be a combination of the well-known “Snow White” story with her queens and the forms of Greek architecture. I found plexiglass and brass among them.

The evening ended apothetically in the same set of ancient Rome with the presentation of the latest collection of Lebanese designer Abed Mahfouz. The designs proposed by him are well known all over the world for outstanding embroidery. The highlight for each Abed Mahfouz presentation is the bridal dress and that this time was one with a special style with a white crown.



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