Balkan Fashion Week 2017


In June 2017, the largest film studios in Eastern Europe, NuBoyana studios opened their doors to Balkan Fashion Week. For five days, Sofia was the capital of fashion and the sets were exceptional.

Maria Koleva’s invitation as a president to participate to Balkan Fashion Week 2017 was more than welcome, especially since my dear friend Myra Postolache, which you can find on , was in charge of PR for this event.

The official calendar of this event included many fashion installations, profile workshops and much anticipated collections on the catwalk. NuBoyana film studios have made many props for each set, so we managed to travel to ancient Rome and then get to New York, London, Cuba or an american village. As the festival wished to support young designers and already established ones, Balkan Fashion Week had more than 25 fashion shows and fashion installations. Designers and those present at this event had a showroom where they could see collections and purchase their favorite products.

The purpose of the Balkan Fashion Week was to be a bridge between designers in Western and Eastern Europe and the international press so that they can promote them. Moreover, Balkan Fashion Week continued in the NuBoyana film studios with the 9th edition of the festival organized by Diane Pernet, A Shaded View on Fashion Film. The theme of ASVOFF9 was “Fashion Meets Cinema,” and movie lovers could watch over 100 fashion films at the first film festival dedicated to fashion, style and beauty.

For 7 days, Balkan Fashion Week, alongside the A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival by the fashion icon Diane Pernet, managed to bring together fashion professionals, designers, buyers and international media such as Vogue Italia, LA Fashion, Fashion News Live , Peplvm Magazine, Le Fashion Post from Paris and others. All the Balkan Fashion Week 2017 atmosphere, as well as the fashion shows and impressions of the invitations, designers and organizers can be seen in the general story about this event.



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