Fashion Icons under the signature of Eymeric Francois


Eymeric Francois is a French designer who, over 17 years, redefines fashion through his artistic creation. His design style is inspired by the Baroque period, which he reinterprets in a timeless elegance.

The collection presented during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2017 was “Icône”. The idea was to work on something that is between the religious icon and the war icon. This time, we find in Eymeric’s clothes a very colorful character, even if the designer is a fan of the black. For this time, he used very strong colors for a strong woman.

Eymeric Francois’s collection combines classical and technological materials as he states that it is very important for fashion to adapt to the present.

The fashion designer says he can dress anyone with his creations and that he often gets very specific requests from his clients.


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