Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, July 2017


If you are talking about exclusive fashion, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is the place to go if you are a designer, a fashion journalist, fashion blogger, or fashion influencer. It is that place where fashion reaches the highest levels of creativity, impeccable cuts, and the highest cost that is reflected in the final product. Is possible that for one dress more than 10 people to work, over 800 hours. So haute couture fashion is not cheap, and a single dress can start from 8500 € and can reach several hundred thousand euros.

Returning to the Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 season at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, I can say that it was the most impressive fashion week, in terms of designers who can use the term haute couture. I was glad to receive invitations to well-known designers from the official calendar but also from other designers who are targeting haute couture.

The first day of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week started for me at the Shangri La Hotel, for the collection signed by Ewa Minge. She is one of the most famous fashion designer in Poland. The Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week collection is colorful and elegantly highlights the joy and livelihood of the gypsy culture. I will briefly present all the daily shows, and for those who want to see more, I prepared a video review with this.

The second day started with George Hobeika`s Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 collection. Hobeika chose flamboyant and sophisticated outfits with vibrant energy. Models had careful embroidery and special lace on the outfits. Then followed Patuna fashion house inspired by the creations of Gaudi and Dali. This artistic mix brought feminine outfits with masculine accents, rigorous and fluid contrasts. The third day continued, for me, with Antonio Grimaldi. The outfits he proposed were reminiscent of the mythological creatures and combined asymmetrical shapes with classic silhouettes, all made of embroidery, leather or metal. I ended the day with Tony Ward’s presentation at the Oratory of Louvre Museum. The designer proposed a geometric reinterpretation of the flowers. The fashion designer reinvents this concept so often found in fashion and creates a new collection with complex and unique designs. It was a crazy day, but I really enjoyed this hustle from one place to another for haute couture fashion shows.

The Greek designer Laskaris and ”Prisma” collection opened the third day of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. He wanted to make a trip into an imaginary world. For Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 season, designer Laskaris Valavanis proposed a palette of red, black, white and gold color outfits. Idan Cohen, original from Israel, signed the last presentation of the day. Wild animals inspired his collection, and Cohen was able to transpose the most beautiful of nature in evening dresses.

The fourth day Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week was for me the Asian day. The House of Japanese Culture in Paris hosted the presentation of the collection signed by Yuima Nakazato. His inspiration was the past of the 1950s and his vision of the evolution of fashion in the future. Remaining in the Asian sphere, Chinese designer Lan Yu proposed a collection of traditional Chinese elements and haute couture fashion items.

The last day of haute couture took me at the American Cathedral in Paris. Here, French designer Eymeric Francois presented his latest collection, “Icône”. This was a mix between the religious icons and the warrior icons. Eymeric’s outfits brought very strong colors for a strong woman.

Whether we prefer pret-a-porter or haute couture it is important to feel comfortable and in our outfits. See you next season, but until then I invite you to watch the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week’s general video, in which I wore outfits signed by Men`s Club.



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