Feeric Fashion Week, Day 3


It is already the third day of the Feeric Fashion Week and it seems that a week passed since the first day, but we are just in the middle of the event. After I got back from the party last night, I was more ok than my phones that wanted to swim in the pool. Therefore, I am ready for a new day of fashion and new challenges from Mitichi.

The Stone Quarry at the Red Tower was the first location to start the fashion show series. The Secret Code of Fashion Agency (TSCOF) by Myra Postolache had prepared a group presentation in which she wanted to support and promote young designers. The outfits they presented at the base of the mountains were marked by lightness, shades of red, pink, yellow. They addressed the collections to both women and men. The designers who brought their talent among the excavators and the stone quarry machines were Amy Penny (UK), Andrada Bodea (UK), Boryana Petrova (Bulgaria), Jagoda Bartczak (Poland), Tsvetalina Atanasova (Bulgaria), Ruben Bissoli (France) and Kinga Sulej (Poland).

Far from the gravel and dust of the stone quarry, at about 50 km from Sibiu, we reached the Clay Castle ”Fairy Valley” in Porumbacu de Sus. Directly from Hong Kong, designer Sin Aries came up with a collection of minimal cuts inspired by Asian culture. The Modement brand came into existence in 2010, and over the past seven years, it has become world-renowned.

The third day of the Feeric Fashion Week was one of a kind. From the place of fairy-tale stories, we returned to Sibiu at the Art House and the Bridge of Lies, which were transformed into a catwalk for the ”Avaton” collection of Greek designer Marios Karavasilis. With the thought of mythology and a distant planet, everyone present admired the theatrical collection of the talented Greek designer.

Actually, I am saying the truth at the Bridge of Lies that the day was not ready yet. The evening started with elegance, mystery, love, sensitivity and passion on the Feeric Venue at the Redal Expo. The one who uncovered the series of presentations was Natalia Mânza, whose collection was marked by exclusive cuts and embroidery. Then followed the designer Alisha Pretty, who, with the creations she made, she revealed her own personality. Federuci Fellini’s “Dolce Lady” was the inspiration for the latest collection of Lui by Luiza.

The evening ended, as it could not have been better, with a frenzied party attended by all the fashion lovers. Both the Mysterium party and collections presented on the third day of Feeric Fashion Week can be viewed in the video I prepared.



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