Feeric Fashion Week 2017, Day 5


The summer residence of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, the Avrig Palace was the perfect place to start the fifth day of Feeric Fashion Week. With an elegant and refined collection, Cylia Dorra’s models hit the stairs of the garden in dresses made of tulle and other fine fabrics. I have to admit that my Men’s Club outfit fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the Avrig Palace, where you can find the best elderflower juice in the country.

We come back to Sibiu, to the Open Air Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului where we have a chariot ride and a lot of Romanian folk music. All the guests started walking through the Village Museum to discover the models that were waiting for them in front of the houses. The designers who had this facility were Lavinia Ilies and Sebastian Roncea with a mixed collection of marine elements. Those responsible for the holiday atmosphere were the talented folk musicians: Ciprian Silași, Sebastian Stan and Anca Mărginean.

Chilean designer Paulita Errazuriz continued the series of fashion shows and and brought her ’60s collection, to the public. A collection inspired by rock music and the lifestyle of London, Berlin and Paris.

The day ended at the Feeric Venue at Redal Expo, where the students of the European Design Institute in Milan made a real fashion show. Then was the designer Michelangelo Winklaar who presented a colorful collection of transparent and fragile materials as well as embroidery. Bianca Popp has also brought a collection to Feeric Fashion Week 2017, which talks about vain desires. The cuffs were loose and made of light or semi-transparent materials.

The evening was completed with the scroll of precious gowns, natural materials, French embroidery and couture making techniques. The collection I am talking about belonged to the Bardash brand and was called “Esemplare”. The presentation was followed by a new Mysterium party, but more about it as well as the 5th day in the pictures you can see in the video.



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