Charles & Ron, a collection of 25 years of happiness!


“Charles and Ron” is a Maltese brand and the clothing items it creates bring a mix of Mediterranean air and Maltese culture. I am happy every time I meet them and this is due to the love that exists between them.

The collection presented in Feeric Fashion Week 2017 was about love, was about the 25th anniversary of them as a couple. This inspiration led to the creation of this collection. The place chosen was less common for those who have never been to the Feeric Fashion Week. We are talking here about the Boromir factory, more precisely the production line of the fluffier sweets.

Charles & Ron managed to bring a silver theme to the audience through the collections of this collection as well as the motifs of Maltese jewelry. The palette of colors was inspired by the winter sunset over the sea, and in Malta, the sunset offers pink, purple and blue tones. The accessories used in this beautiful love story transposed in the “Amare Argentum” collection were leather or feather jewels.

The “Amare Argentum” collection also highlights the femininity of those who will wear the articles they have signed. The woman who will wear these pieces will certainly feel special because the brand “Charles and Ron” manages to get the beautiful sex representatives from anonymity through originality.



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