Feeric Fashion Week 2017


Feeric Fashion Week is a phenomenon, it is a way of life for those involved in this project, but also for those who come to some of the most spectacular fashion shows in Europe, and not only. Every time, I am extremely pleased to receive the invitation from Mitichi, the president of Feeric Fashion Week, to participate in the event. More so, for me this event is really one of #FeericFamily and the friendships created here are very tight.

I do not know how we have already reached the 10th edition, but it will surely be an unforgettable anniversary! More than 30 designers have presented their latest collections in special sets. I traveled from Alice in Wonderland to Greek mythology or to distant planets. From the Zoological Garden in Sibiu, I reached the Boromir Factory or the stone quarry at the Red Tower. We traveled by tram, chariot, water-bikes and the list can continue.

Feeric Fashion Week 2017 debuted at the Tăuni wine cellar and the Jidvei Castle at the Baltă Fortress. Irina Duţu Zgâia and Vali Cioban were the designers of the first day. I will briefly introduce all week, and in the video on this article, and you can see the atmosphere of this edition as well as how the guests felt at Feeric Fashion Week. Moreover, to get even better into the calendar of every day, I invite you to read and watch every moment.

Next day was dedicated to the students of the University of Art and Design from Cluj-Napoca on Feeric Venue. We were all invited to the Zoological Garden Lake in Sibiu to see the collection signed by Mariana Morar and Paul Micșa, under the NousMode brand. The evening ended with “Yolo party by Landiana” where we had a photo exhibition at Versailles by Buonavista.

Day 3 began at the stone quarry at the Red Tower with a group project coordinated by Myra Postolache and The Secret Code of Fashion. Then followed the Clay Castle from Valley of the Fairies, which was the scene for the Asian brand Modement. We returned to Sibiu, at the Bridge of Lies and the House of Arts that became a catwalk for Greek designer Marios Karavasilis. Feeric Venue was where most designers came with their latest collections and the third day ended with talented Ivan Sighinolfi, Natalia Mânza, Djamba Lydie and Lui by Luiza.

Bianca Popp returned to Feeric Fashion Week this year and presented the latest collection at the Boromir Factory, with the support of the Land Forces Academy. At the same factory, but this time on the production line of fluffier sweets, Maltese designers Charles & Ron came with an anniversary collection. Alina Moza closed the series of individual presentations in front of the Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu’s Grand Square. The Redal Expo provided the Thursday’s catwalk for Argentinian designer Pimpi Smith, but also for Manuel Pampillon, Retno Tan and Visori.

Friday, I came to a very dear place for me, the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig for the presentation of the collection signed by Cylia Dora. Also on this day, Lavinia Ilieş and Sebastian Roncea took all the guests to the Village Museum to show them their common collection for this edition of Feeric Fashion Week. The Stairs Passage has also been transformed into a podium for Paulita Erazuriz’s collection and the evening ended at the Redal Expo along with the IED Show, Tenue de Saf, Michelangelo Winklaar, Bianca Popp and Lenor by Traskin.

Feeric Fashion Week prepared for the last day a tram trip and a Sarah Jessy Jones presentation in the forest at the exit from Sibiu to Rășinari. Very rotatable was the collection of Adriana Goilav, due to the chosen location, the CFR Călători depot in Sibiu. Weather conditions did not allow Feeric Gala to take place in the Small Square, so all forces headed for Redal Expo. You could attend the presentations signed by Aida Lorena, Andreea Ciungan, Ioana Călin, Luna Morgaciova and Diana Caramaci. The Feeric Fashion Week 2017 Gala had Cosmina Păsărin and Derek Warburton as hosts.

Few are the fashion weeks in the world that manage to make spectacular podiums but I am happy to say that Feeric Fashion Week is one of them! Since 2008, Feeric Fashion Week has been able to surprise through diversity and originality, the creativity of collections and appearances in the international specialized press. The year 2015 was an important year in the history of Feeric Fashion Week, as the festival was set in the official calendar of the most important fashion weeks around the world. The FFW 2017 team counted over 150 members from Romania, France, Italy and Argentina.



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