Marios Karavasilis leads the theatre to “Avaton”


Marios Karavasilis is a Greek young designer who has become famous in the fashion world with theatrical costumes. These tendencies are influenced by his interest in the sphere of mythology, heroes, and fantastic characters from another universe. Therefore, the last collection called “Avaton” under its signature brand “MK by Marios” translates its inclination towards theatre and art.

To present his latest collection, the House of Arts and the Bridge of Lies from Sibiu became a catwalk for Marios Karavasilis. “Avaton” is a different collection, a combination of black details and lights like in a scenario. Models are not models are characters. The meaning of the ”Avaton” collection is another space, another planet in the universe, a collection that goes beyond boundaries.

In order to create the Avaton story, Marios used many sequins, lace, satin and ecological fur, combining silver, gold, black, white and red tones with handbags and other accessories on the head. All the styling and the story of “Avaton” managed to spark the admiration and the astonishment of all fashion lovers that attended the event.

“MK by Marios” brand brings a dramatic, emotional picture and the collections, under the signature of Marios Karavasilis are not necessarily perfect for catwalk but they are rather pieces of stories.



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