Sarah Jessy Jones moves the art of polo in fashion


The Argentinean brand Sarah Jessy Jones is already a known name in Romania thanks to Feeric Fashion Week. Plastic artist Eduardo Perez Gonzales Ocantos was able to surprise this time with his paintings he had transposed into his latest collection.

The models that wore the brightly colored outfits have been admired in the forest at the exit from Sibiu to Rășinari. The story of this collection represents the end of an Argentine polo match. In such a match, we find many boots, polo bats and special outfits worn by the players. Those present, who traveled to the fashion show by tram, received this story very well.

Eduardo succeeds in transposing his paintings into blended materials with the help of innovative technologies. He is not afraid to reinvent materials and leave his creativity free when it comes to his creations. That is why seemingly classic pieces become new when they are turned into clothes signed by him.

Like most designers, Sarah Jessy Jones dedicates this collection to strong and secure women on them. In addition, thanks to the original prints, Sarah Jessy Jones brings fashion to the level of art.




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