Serbia Fashion Week – Day 3, April 2018


The third day of Serbia Fashion Week began in a relaxing atmosphere and a delicious coffee in the center of Novi Sad. Therefore, in the first part of the day, I had a seminar by Myra Postolache on PR & Communication in Fashion.

As I said in the other articles, in Novi Sad you will find restaurants with a varied menu and according to any taste. For lunch, I really enjoyed going back to the “Cubo” restaurant where, together with the Serbia Fashion Week guests, we took the whole place. The international menu has blended perfectly with our stories about fashion and the wine has been the one to complete this painting.

We returned to the Master Center for the Serbia Fashion Week showroom, which was reorganized with a photo exhibition under the guidance of Vasilije Kovacev. He presented ten of his most iconic outfits, from the ten editions of Serbia Fashion Week.

Having said that, I think it was time to enter the catwalk room for the fashion shows the designers have prepared for. The Monarh brand was the one who opened the evening with a stylish and sensual collection in which the accessories put even in a better light the outfits. Sanja Veličković manages to raise her audience with the music she chooses at her shows, but especially with the explosion on the podium. Red, yellow, green, pink, blue are just some of the colors we found in Sanja’s collection. Like an inside, at the end, Tuna Yilmaz, president of the Fashion Film Festival Istanbul, went out on the podium to dance with Sanja. Serbian designer Ivana Nikolic Stankovic closed the first set of presentations.

Suzana Peric ballerinas who gave life to the Serbia Fashion Week podium opened the second part of the fashion shows. A fluid, sensual and modern collection in pastel colors as the beautiful Suzana Peric has already accustomed us. Men’s collections have not been long awaited. Milan Senic, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, presented a modern man that is defined by simple and interesting lines at the same time. Pastel colors, flowers, romanticism, femininity and elegance are the attributes of the latest collection signed by fashion designer Marija Sabic.

We are changing the record book of the outfits with an eccentric wave for those who are not afraid to stand out. Peer Cox from the Netherlands presented a bold, sometimes oversized collection that favored some seemingly simple elements. Ana Vasiljevic came with a monochrome collection in which the diagonal lines and cuts came out. The models wore silver helmets on the head, reminding either the Teutonic knights or the cosmonauts, I still cannot decide. Bata Spasojevic stormed the Serbia Fashion Week catwalk with a collection of many pieces of clothing. With plenty of color and prints, Bata managed to capture this time with the outfits for both women and men.

From what I look at the text written above, it seems that the third day was a full one, but it is not over yet. After the Master Center presentations, I went to dinner, on a road that was going outside the city, to discover an extraordinary welcoming restaurant that gave you the feeling of home to your grandmother. The restaurant “Tako je sudeno” proved to be the perfect place for dinner and a group of local musicians maintained the atmosphere. Even so, the evening ended with a party to make sure the fourth day we started later. That remains to see, you know that I am early person.

One on top of the other, I felt very well in my Men’s Club outfit for the third day of Serbia Fashion Week and for a better picture I invite you to watch the video that I prepared with Pixel Battalion.



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