Serbia Fashion Week – Day 4, April 2018


The fourth day of Serbia Fashion Week began, as it could not be better despite the fact that the previous evening was a long one. Returning to my normal daily schedule, I chose to walk the streets of Novi Sad in the first part of the day.

The second part was reserved for fashion presentations. The Master Center was the zero point of the event and the fashion lovers stormed the location. Brend by Margarita Panova, from Russia, opened the evening of fashion. It combined in her collection knitwear and fluid materials in pastel colors.

Erik Rosete has warmed the Serbia Fashion Week catwalk! With patterns that have provocatively sculptured in black and gold, Erik knew how to attract all those present at the event. Serbian designer Marinia then calmed the atmosphere with her collection.

Already a known name in the world of Serbian fashion, Milica Trickovic presented a monochrome collection dedicated to sensitive, romantic women who want to be admired. If Milica came in black and white, Bosko Jakovlevic had a color explosion in the clothes he presented. From sport to casual or elegant, Bosko knows how to make both women and men agree in his collections.

“I put a spell on you” is that collection that you want it all in your wardrobe. At least I would like all the men’s wear that Eymeric Francois created for this presentation. Just black and white! Eymeric has managed to make an eye-catching collection and the models have stood confident on the catwalk.

Then Addy van den Krommenacker followed. With rich experience in fashion, his creations have been worn by many Dutch celebrities and not only as well as members of the Dutch Royal Family. At Serbia Fashion Week, he presented a spectacular collection of prints as the main elements. One of Serbia’s most beloved designers, Zvonko Markovic, concluded the evening of presentations. Black, black and again black on the scales of the collection signed by Zvonko. It astonished the audience with his clothes and did not break the title of fashion designer.

An extraordinary restaurant on the Danube shore is “Aqua Doria”, the place where we ended the fourth day of the Serbia Fashion Week with all the international guests. During the fashion presentations I wore a Men`s Club outfit and below is the video dedicated to this day.

P.S.: After dinner, there was a party in the “Tunnel” club, up in Petrovaradin Fortress!



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