Addy van den Krommenacker


Addy van den Krommenacker is a very talented and appreciated Dutch designer. It is known for its evening gowns but also for those special occasions and red carpet. Among the celebrities he has worked with include Laura Pausini, Tyra Banks, Glennis Grace, Courtney Love etc. The Royal House of the Netherlands also recognized his talent in 2011. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands gave him the title Knight of the Order Orange-Nassau.

The collection presented in Serbia Fashion Week at the April 2018 edition was a romantic one. The inspiration for this collection came from the paintings of romantic painters, plus the Rococo period.

The outfits featured on the catwalk were full with theatrical elements and ornaments, specific to the Rococo and Romantic periods. Forms and materials used, such as brocard, silk or organza, were combined with a special material used by Dutch anglers. The colors were lighted and lively, from red, to gold or shining sparkles.

Addy van den Krommenacker’s spring-summer collection `18 is dedicated to women who want to have a royal air due to the gown but also for those who want to come up with their silhouette.



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