Balkan Fashion Week 2018


Well, I am glad to say hello from Sofia, the beautiful capital of Bulgaria!

Here I am for the second time in Bulgaria’s most visited city. Moreover, guilty this time for my visit here is my dear friend, Maria Koleva, the president of Balkan Fashion Week. After I looked at the guests list of the event, I certainly knew it would be a beautiful edition and especially with a good mood. This is due to all my friends who have come here too: Myra Postolache, Joy Koumentakou, Constantino Roselli, Tuna Yilmaz, Jolita Monolova, Didi Petrova, Andrea Pierpozzi or Mariana Micelli.

Returning to the official calendar, I discovered many young designers, which means that the Balkan Fashion Week wants to be a launch pad for young talents. The new generation of designers wants to change the preconceptions about the Balkans in a positive way.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the involvement of Sofia’s fashion schools; here I am referring to the National Academy of Arts and the New Bulgarian University. They presented collections of their students, challenging them to enter as creative as possible on the fashion market in Bulgaria and beyond.

If last year all the presentations were at Nu Boyana Film Studios, this year the locations were very diverse, ranging from houses with national monument architecture to former factories. In order not to go into detail, I invite you to watch the articles about each day and the related video.

Because you know that I love the atmosphere of any event of this kind, I manage to make a video every time with all the guests and designers I meet. That’s what I did at Balkan Fashion Week, and for this it is obligatory to play the video below, not before telling you that throughout the festival, my outfits were provided by Men`s Club.

Therefore, welcome to #MetropolitanEdition of Balkan Fashion Week!



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