Balkan Fashion Week 2018 – Day 2


After a flight of Cluj-Munchen-Sofia for about 6 hours, with the stopover, we reached the capital of Bulgaria. It is the second time I get to this city, but I confess that I like it very much. The time between the accommodation and the first presentation was short, but I ran farewell to being punctual. Due to the busy schedule, we reached Balkan Fashion Week only from the second day of the festival.

The first location of the day was in a superb house, a cultural monument. Designer chosen to start presentation day was Guel Gazizova. She proposed in her latest collection a series of asymmetric lines with a clean cut. The folds were very feminine and elegant and the natural materials completed the painting of the collection signed by Guel Gazizova.

The following presentations took place in a special one for the residents of Sofia, called Largoto. This is an architectural ensemble in the center of Sofia, surrounded by the Bulgarian Parliament, the Government and the Bulgarian Presidency. The glass dome that covers the historical ruins of Sofia makes this place one of the most visited by tourists.

Didi Petrova was the one who opened the series of fashion shows with a collection of simple lines and shirts assorted with fluffy trousers. Students of the National Art Academy in Bulgaria were followed by a collection of great appreciation by those present. The brand Plik in collaboration with Moodictionary signed the latest presentation of the day. For this, they had black covers that had been accessorized with leather bags and belts.

That being said, I ended the second day of Balkan Fashion Week, the metropolitan edition. As I have already accustomed to you, my outfit was provided by Men`s Club and all the presentations of the day can be seen in the video below.



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