Balkan Fashion Week 2018 – Day 3


This time the weather has not on my side or on the side of Balkan Fashion Week organizers. The third day of the festival was a rainy one, but that did not prevent us from checking the entire calendar for this day.

Designer Rustina came up with a pastel collection of fluids and drapes over the shoulders and arms. Colors like mint, pink and light blue have made up the female silhouettes on the catwalk arranged in a former factory, now a creative space, Sklada.

Working with the video and camcorders necessarily involves a visit to the Nu Boyana Film Studios, if we are still in Sofia. Compared to last year, I found this place, dedicated to the seventh art, changed with a huge pool for underwater shooting.

Sparked by the beauty of the Nu Boyana Film Studios, I am late for the following presentations but, being an international guest, also has an advantage. The organizers waited for us to get to the History Museum in Sofia. Students from IED Milan are always able to show why this institution is one of the best of its kind. Under the coordination of Giovanni Ottonello and Andrea Pozzi from IED Milan and Riccardo Terzo from Vogue Italia, students Aleksandra Kachulkova, Augusto Berreta, Carlo Cimmino and Rebecca Paganini presented their creations on the catwalk.

Fatih Osman presented “The Creation”. The Bulgarian designer was inspired by the lives of young people who are not afraid to express themselves thru their clothes. Gold, silver, black, tulle and other materials were the basis of this collection presented at the History Museum in Sofia. The evening continued with designer Sandy Aman from Kazakhstan. The gowns created by Sandy assaulted the catwalk. Black has dominated the collection, but sometimes I have seen blue or golden accents. Materials ranged from fabrics to beads and feathers.

Then came the fashion industry line from Lecce, Italy represented by Marianna Miceli. It came with a collection of several designers from Lecce to promote the potential of the fashion industry in this area of Italy. Diana Korsakova was the one who officially closed the fashion shows from Balkan Fashion Week. Love was the main element of inspiration for her latest collection. The woman who is in the colors of the collection, black and gold, is a strong and sexy woman, as the designer says.

Even if the presentations are over, the third day of the Balkan Fashion Week can only end with a party in the characteristic style of such events. As I am already predictable, you already know that the movie of this day can be seen below and you also know that my outfit was provided by Men`s Club.



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