Balkan Fashion Week 2018 – Day 4


The last day of Balkan Fashion Week was dedicated to seminars supported by fashion professionals. After a good breakfast, we headed to the National Palace of Culture in Sofia for the presentations.

Constantino Roselli, from Weird Authentic People, Greece, gave a presentation about “Branding”. One of the simplest branding models was the “Bihor or Dior” example. Already the story of Bihor’s cloths, reached on the Dior’s catwalk, is famous, but it clearly highlights what a very well branding means.

We stay in the area of Greece with one of the most amazing people I know, Joy Koumentakou, from Weird Authentic People. With a big experience in fashion both as a designer and as an event organizer, Joy explained how can you organize and preparing a fashion event or a fashion week.

After a coffee break, Jolita Monolova talked about how to advertise a brand. Jolita also talked about how to make a successful look book, but also a professional catalog.

Myra Postolache, from The Secred Code of Fashion, had an interactive presentation where the attendees were involved. What does a fashion showroom mean? How is organized a showroom? How do you get into a showroom? What designers do we find in such a place? How do we approach a showroom as a designer if we want to be included in their portfolio? These were just some of the questions Myra answered.

No other fashion events, such as fashion film festivals, were omitted. For this, Tuna Yilmaz, President of the Fashion Film Festival Istanbul, has exposed the most important aspects when we make a fashion movie, but also what the jury of such festival is looking for in the movies they watch.

Like heroes, we resisted the 5 hours of fashion talks, also a good opportunity for about seven or eight cappuccino. Going beyond this, I am glad that everything went really well and the discussions were interactive and interesting for those present.

At the end of the presentations, I had a photo shoot in the rain to officially end this year’s Balkan Fashion Week. For all of the above, but especially for my Men`s Club outfit, I invite you to play the video below made with the Pixel Battalion team.



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