Feeric Fashion Week 2018 – Day 1


I do not even know how one year has already passed and I am again on my way to Sibiu for Feeric Fashion Week. From the moment I saw the 11th edition program, I knew it was going to be an feeric event. Only the thought of seeing my friends from the fashion world made me no longer patient to get to Sibiu.

Like every time I drive to a fashion week, I have to make at least four roads to the hotel room for my luggages. For this year’s edition of Feeric Fashion Week, Viggo Tailoring Cluj has dealt with my entire wardrobe.

The first day is all the time in a big rush for me and somehow I manage to arrive in time at the Astra Museum for ”Flori de Ie” fashion show. Twenty-one traditional Romanian costumes from all parts of the country were gathered over the years by Cristina Chiriac and presented at the Feeric Fashion Week.

The borangic sewn with silk thread, sumptuous wings with metal embroidery created a real explosion of Romanian beauty and wealth, meant to put the authentic values wherever they are. In the year when Romania celebrates 100 years since the Great Union, the ”Fori de Ie” collection was by far the best way to open the festival in the wonderful setting of the Astra Museum.

After a small photo session at the museum, we all headed for the Versailles Events. Here, Landiana, Vice President of Feeric Fashion Week, prepared the Yolo Party and presented the worlds fashion weeks in 30 photos.




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