Feeric Fashion Week 2018 – Day 4


One thing is certain, the Argentineans know how party and that I saw it last night at the Argentinian Garden Party. With a good breakfast and black coffee, I started the penultimate day of Feeric Fashion Week.

As in the previous day, the program is very busy and the first presentations take place at the Boromir Factory. We return to the hall with interesting geometry of flour pipes for the Hong Kong Modement brand. Sin Aries, the designer behind this brand is one of the most joyful and smiling people I know and for this, I love her a lot! With a confident, intelligent and generous message, Sin Aries presented her latest collection “I Am Who I Am”. Just when I thought I saw all the available factory locations exactly then a new location appeared. This has been the case for the presentation “Negativity” of Zeta1 brand. With unisex outfits, the patterns have scrolled in tones of gray, black in combination with turquoise and silver.

A presentation I have been waiting since the beginning of this edition of Feeric Fashion Week was the collective collection of Myra Postolache thru The Secret Code of Fashion. In an urban skate park on Coposu Boulevard, the models have scrolled between two skaters that gave dynamism to the presentation and Sibiu Street Art Festival made the graffiti visual background. Everything was superlative and spectacular.

We leave the urban side behind and go to the mechanical workshop of Mecatronics Ford Sibiu. Here the cars on the elevators went up and down just like the models in the Reprobable brand. The fashion show from car service was interesting.

After so many fashion shows I would have been tempted to say that the day is over but it is not. From Ford Mecatronics Sibiu we go to Redal Expo for Feeric Venue. The first to open the series of presentations was the talented Italo Marseglia student of IED Milan with a well-worked collection, with carefully selected materials. Then followed Jennifer Nunez and Sergio Marey from Spain.

With the thought of flamenco, designer Juan Boleco has proposed a collection inspired by this Spanish dance and Bianca Popp presented cuts and overlays specific to her. I also want to mention the designer Nikki Hendricks and the Architecture in Fashion brand who finished the series of Feeric Venue presentations.

For those who are interested to see the collections of the designers or the locations selected for the fourth day of Feeric Fashion Week, I invite you to watch the video below. At the same time, I want to mention that Viggo Tailoring Cluj provided my outfit for this day.


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