Feeric Fashion Week 2018 – Day 5


I do not think we have come to the last official day of Feeric Fashion Week. I say official because it is the last one from the program. Tomorrow is a day dedicated to editorials and photo sessions for magazines. However, let us get back to last day’s program!

Designers of the Cindy Alan House were the ones who opened the series of presentations. The chosen location was one full of history, the festive hall of the Astra Library in Sibiu. They presented a fusion between East and West inspired by the architecture of the Asian city of Hong Kong. We stay in Asia, Thailand, but change the place of presentation. For the designer Mondovi collection, entitled “La Reve”, the catwalk was the shadow of the Pottery Tower from Sibiu.

Time goes fast and I have to get ready for Feeric Fashion Week Gala. As it is a special day, I have had two outfits, both under the signature of Viggo Tailoring Cluj. Once in the Small Square in Sibiu, I noticed the huge stage and catwalk that the organizers installed here as well as a large number of spectators, eager to see the closing gala and the collections of the eight designers from the program.

3, 2, 1 and the Feeric Fashion Week Closing Gala is opened. Cosmina Păsărin is the beautiful host of the evening, with Los Angeles LaPalme editor-in-chief, Derek Warburton. To thank the audience but also to say more about the #feelfeeric feeling, Mitichi Preda, the president of the Feeric Fashion Week, also climbed the stage.

The collections from the Feeric Gala were among the most diverse and the first to open the series of presentations was designer Ioana Calin with a beautiful collection of bridal dresses. Then came the Casi Wear brand in pastel colors and materials such as silk or accessories such as pearls, crystals and feathers. Along with the violin, the third collection of the Dandry Fashion series was a completely white one, highlighted only by the fine fittings to make the pieces worthwhile.

A Romanian brand that does not need any presentation due to the quality of the products it makes, Caresta presented their latest collection of bags. As each outfit needs a matching pair of shoes, Trace of Heels has come up with a colorful and personality collection. They followed Cielle Couture, Luna Morgaciova and Alina Moza who finished the 11th edition of Feeric Fashion Week.

Yet the evening ended, as expected at the Redal Expo, with Feeric Afterparty along with all the guests, designers and friends of the Feeric Fashion Week. For those who love fashion, I invite you to watch the video below, which I prepared with the Pixel Battalion team.


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