Plik & Moodictionary in limited edition


In a place with a strong historical load for Sofia and Bulgaria, the Plik and Moodictionary brands featured a limited edition collection for Balkan Fashion Week.

The luxury of the Plik brand, like handbags or belts designed by Vladislava Lupo, were the perfect accessories for Jolita Manolova’s clothing collection and her brand, Moodictionary. Plik is the brand that wants to make the woman go out of anonymity because of its concept of uniqueness. Vladislava Lupo, the artist with a musician’s soul, currently a designer, makes leather belts, bags or accessories in limited or even unique editions.

If we are talking about Moodictionary, Jolita Manolova’s outfits are based on a new concept in fashion. This means that the customer creates his own design from the elements the designer puts at his disposal. So, everyone can create the jumpsuit they dream, choose their lines or colors, and the outfit can be unique.

The common collection of Plik and Moodictionary is for an independent woman who loves a simple and unique outfit but in the same time, she is a lover of luxury accessories.



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