Feeric Fashion Week 2018 – Day 6


After the Feeric Fashion Week Closing Gala and the related party, it was normal to wake up harder the next morning, but with a little goodwill, I woke up and had my coffee.

It was a rather quiet day for me despite the fact that I had to make a trip of almost 3 hours to Cluj-Napoca plus to pack my luggage. However, let us stop thinking about this and go straight to the Redal Expo.

Feeric Fashion Week’s sixth day has been reserved for photo and editorial meetings for the magazines present at the festival and beyond. Early in the morning, the hair & make-up team was already in the backstage, as well as the models, photographers, or stylists that would coordinate the photo sessions.

I went to the backstage to surprise the activity there and then go to Cluj-Napoca. Nevertheless, as the home account does not match that of the fair, once I got to Redal Expo I did a little photo session with Ancira Adeon and I can say that the pictures are very successful, even if the model was very tired. The designer Veronica Frişan signed the outfit I had at the photo session.

After I said goodbye to all the festival friends and mine alike, it was clear that this Feeric Fashion Week edition was officially over for me. I will see you in the year, but until then I will invite you once again to play the video below.



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