Beauty “Stella” of Waleska Morin


Waleska Morin is a designer of the Canary Islands, more precisely the island of La Palma, a UNESCO biosphere reservation. All the magic of this island, along with the great crystalline waters and serene sky of Europe, were the elements of inspiration for the ”Stella” collection.

Waleska presented a very feminine and sophisticated collection in Feeric Fashion Week, placing the woman as a major element in the galaxy. The beauty of the Canary Islands sky as well as the seawater were those that offered the colors of this collection. We find the electric blue, yellow, white, but also shades of purple, gray, silver and gold.

The models have scrolled in tull, sequins and satin, materials that make us think about romance and versatility through their texture. Some outfits from of collection have really highlighted the female shapes through their transparency, but also because of their pants or short skirts.



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