“Savoar Fer” about buttons and pleats


Savoar Fer is a French brand that reinterprets old elements in contemporary outfits. Eliane Heutschi is the designer of this brand started from the idea of ​​doing something else in the field of feminine fashion.

The presentations from Feeric Fashion Week was a sample of her next collection and pieces from the old Savoar Fer collection. As colours, we find very little blue, but white, black and denim prevail. The sample from the following collection abounds in the buttons that come from the Victorian period and are very feminine, but Eliane wanted to give them a tougher air.

The current collection has been with plenty of pleats, but the methods used have made the outfits look more masculine. That was the idea Eliane had started with this collection. The fabrics are ample, bright and silky, with haute couture techniques.

The “Savoar Fer” collection is not for any woman, but it is surely for a more androgynous, boyish but elegant woman at the same time.



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