Travel with me in … Rotterdam, the city of towers!


Rotterdam is the kind of city that has reborn from its own ashes. After it was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, it was rebuilt with a courage and a modern architecture, very different from what we could find in the Netherlands. At the end of the article, I will make a list of the hours and prices of the museums I visited plus their sites because the prices may be different and I will give you some travel tips to Rotterdam. If you are planning a trip to this city in winter, it is best to have very thick clothes that keep warm at low temperatures and strong wind but also impermeable because of the daily rain

It is a perfect city for a city break because in two days you can visit all the important attractions. In the same time, you will have the pleasure of discovering other places in the city less well known to travelers. For example, the museum dedicated to one of the most popular games in the world, Pinball. The Dutch Pinball Museum is a special and not very well-known place that will surely awaken your childhood memories. I guarantee that you will feel very well in that place that houses games built since 1950 until today. The good part is that you can play with most of the games exposed once you have paid the entry fee.

The best way to discover a city is by foot and Rotterdam city center allows this. My recommendation is to look for a hotel in the center so that you can enjoy the beauty of the city. By foot, you can see the beauty of the cube houses just across the street from the Markthal Market, an amazing combination of luxury apartments with the beauty of an interior market called the “Horn of Abundance.” Very close, you can find Saint Lawrence’s Church dating back to 1449. The Erasmus Bridge is also an attraction for tourists due to its shape of a swan and its height of 139 m.

Dutch people are very good at having coffee shops, bars, pubs, restaurants or clubs, and their beer and food is very good. If you want to eat like a Dutch one, I recommend you the waffles, their traditional cheese, pancakes, Dutch bread rolls, croquettes and pea soup. Do not forget about the Dutch beer that is very good also.

As far as cultural life is concerned, Rotterdam has a wide range of artistic events, concerts and museums for everyone’s enjoyment. I have been able to visit some of the museums in Rotterdam as well.

The Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum is one of the most popular museums in Rotterdam. At the same time, it is the oldest museum in the Netherlands. His collection includes medieval art and contemporary art. Here you will find painters like Rembrandt, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh or Salvador Dali.

You can also visit the Kunsthal Rotterdam Museum in the museum park. Opened in 1992, the Kunsthal Museum is for modern and contemporary art lovers because of its profile and the exhibitions it hosts.

As Rotterdam is considered Europe’s largest port, a visit to the Maritime Museum is more than mandatory. Here you will see the oldest ship model, dating from the middle Ages, called Mataro. Enter the fascinating world of the Dutch Navy through its history. In the immediate vicinity of the museum, there is an open-air harbor where you can find boats from different periods of time that can be visited free of charge.

Photo enthusiasts can visit the Museum of Photography where they can find works by the most famous Dutch photographers but also interesting exhibitions. Here you will see illustrated social, cultural, but also Dutch history.

How would be a visit to the Netherlands without windmills? Just as mandatory, there must be a visit to the small town of Kinderdjik. Located just 15 km from Rotterdam, here you will see 19 windmills dating back to the 18th century, which still function today. The whole complex from Kinderdjik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be visited free of charge.

All the beauty of Rotterdam can be seen in the video below, which I have prepared with the Pixel Battalion team. Therefore, I invite you to travel with me to… Rotterdam.

Tips & Information:
– In restaurants usually the tip is included in the note, usually ranges between 5-10%. They are usually open from 10:00-23:00
– Shops are open from 10:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday and Saturday until 21:00
– Most banks are open from 10:00-16:00 and the currency is the euro
– Underground metro line is across the whole city, as well as public transport both on water and on land. More info at
– Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum: hours: 11:00-17:00 Tuesday-Sunday, tickets: adults – 17,50 €, children under 18 – free of charge, students up to 26 years – 8,75 €
– Kunsthal Museum: 10:00-17:00 Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00-17:00 Sunday, Tickets: adults – 14 €, children under 18 years – free of charge, student up to 26 years – 7 €
– Maritiem Museum: hours: 10:00-17:00 Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00 – 17:00 Sunday, tickets: adults – 14 €, children – 10 €
– The Nederlands Fotomuseum: hour: 11:00-17:00 Tuesday – Sunday, tickets: adults +26 – 14 €, young 18-25 – 7 €, children – free of charge
– Dutch Pinball Museum: hours: 12:00-17:00 Wednesday, 12:00-18:00 Saturday and Sunday, tickets: 1,5h – 8,50 €, 3h – 11 €, all day ticket – 15 €



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