Serbia Fashion Week – Day 3, November 2018


We have reached the middle of the 11th edition of Serbia Fashion Week. As soon as I saw the program of the day, the first impulse was to go to coffee because it was a full day!

I did, but this time I chose a café-restaurant that I had not been there for 2 years. ”Petrus” is that place where you have a good visually experience because of the set. For the morning to be an excellent one, my dear friend, William Arlotti was the company I had. Then followed a well-deserved lunch at my favorite restaurant on the Danube. Aqua Doria is the typical Serbian restaurant where the menu is a traditional one, specific to Vojvodina.

Once at the Master Center, the zero point of today’s presentations I preferred to spend some time in the backstage to get to know the designers and see their collections closer. Returning to the catwalk, the evening was opened by MB Couture brand with extremely provocative, slightly vulgar dresses. We change the register and the podium is invaded by Serbia’s traditions thanks to Silvana Tosic, the designer of the Etno Glamur brand. She presented a collection of dense materials with original motifs. Jovanka Radovanovic Couture closed the first set of fashion designers. All the outfits proposed by her, were made of knitwear in which she used overlays.

We make a well-deserved break at the VIP Lounge for a glass of wine or plum brandy called “Pruna”. This is a good time for the impressions after each show but also for getting to know people from the fashion field and not only.

The second group of presentations began with the brand “Eden” from Montenegro, which brought in the front the vaporous dresses, made of fluids materials. The sensation of this group is, without a doubt, the designer Kristina Minnihanova, creator of the Khan brand from Russia. Stuffed extremely well made and powerful materials, like Russian military uniforms. The message of this collection was one of peace, in which flowers formed a perfect picture for the presentation of Khan. Cristonati Couture, the latest brand of this group, presented some items, more like a capsule collection of purple dresses.

The latest presentations of the day were dedicated to well-known and loved designers from Serbia, Marija Sabic and Bosko Jakovljevic. If Maria offered feminine sensual and provocative dresses, without being vulgar, Bosko invaded the podium with a collection addressed to both women and men.

After such a program, you could say that the day is over. Well, not yet! There was a dinner in a place where I never went, called “Juliet”, after which we went to Serbia Fashion Week’s official party in the club “Muzeum”. Only now can I say that the day is over, this means 4 o’clock in the morning.

The film of this day can be seen below, as well as a series of pictures in which I appear in the outfits signed by the brand Men’s Club.



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