Malta Fashion Week 2017, Day 4


The most beautiful aspect of any fashion week is the friendship that always binds. I really enjoy meeting people who are passionate about what they are doing and showing this to those around them. That atmosphere of beauty and socialization is a pleasant feeling.

The fourth day of Malta Fashion Week was my 100% taste. The Gagliardi Maltese brand, with a history of more than 50 years, brought a collection dedicated to sophisticated men. I wanted to take home every podium outfit. The collection presented at Malta Fashion Week 2017 had two ideas. Ernest Hemingway and safari inspire the first one, and Dolce Vita, Cinecitta Studios and Rome the second.

We stay somehow on the Italian realm alongside the Effacto brand. They brought a collection dedicated to the glamorous woman who does not want to give up a sophisticated look.

The evening was finished with an exceptional show by my friend, French designer Eymeric Francois. It manages to amaze me with every collection on the podium. Eymeric brought poison on the Malta Fashion Week catwalk. “Poison” has provocative and red lines that emphasize the outfits of fast walking and rhythmic models on the catwalk during the show, poisoning everyone with their beauty.

The most prestigious fashion event in Malta managed to surprise me by its size but especially by those involved in this project. That is why, I invite you to see the atmosphere and the presentations of the fourth day of Malta Fashion Week in the video I prepared. As in previous days, Men`s Club were the ones who signed my outfit.



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