Serbia Fashion Week – Day 1, April 2018


The tenth edition of Serbia Fashion Week was one full of surprises. I have not managed to get to the official opening in Dunavski Park, thanks to Serbian customs officers who considered that the shooting equipment is professional and that it would be better to enter in Serbia frum Jimbolia Customs. The good part is that we finally managed to enter the country but missed the opening.

Returning to the first day of Serbia Fashion Week, it started for me with a well-earned lunch with other international guests at the “Inspiracija”restaurant. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Novi Sad. It well known for the wine collection that you can find in the menu.

Every time I get to beautiful Novi Sad one of my favorite destinations in town is a shop with leather objects made by traditional methods. “The Manual Company” is the place that you should not miss if you arrive in Novi Sad. You go back in time due to the decor and the whole product presentation concept.

The first day program continued with an exhibition in collaboration with the “MaticaSrpska” Gallery, founded in 1847, which is the oldest institution of culture, literature and science of the Serbian people. Here, 15 designers from the Serbia Fashion Week program, found inspiration in the paintings of the most famous Serbian painters. They have reinterpreted their historical costumes, combining history with modern art and fashion.

The talented stylist Srdan Sveljo, inspired by Grace Jones gathered in the same fashion show, 25 designers for a spectacular presentation. The male collection was showcased in an underground location, SKC Fabrika in Novi Sad.

The evening ended at the “Gaudium” restaurant set up in a simple concept, the concept of joy found in every dish that comes out of the restaurant’s kitchen. The first day of Serbia Fashion Week has begun and I can hardly wait to see what the organizers have prepared in the coming days for this anniversary edition.



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