Serbia Fashion Week – Day 2, April 2018


One of the pleasures of my life is a big cup of cappuccino. As it is the third time I come to Novi Sad, I have discovered a few places where I am used to drinking my coffee in the morning. One of these places is the Trčika café. I told you about it, but the tram atmosphere is a special one.

At each edition of Serbia Fashion Week, the Master Center building has a pop-up store and an exhibition throughout the festival. The one who opened the exhibition was French designer Eymeric Francois with 10 dresses signed by him, from the 10 editions of Serbia Fashion Week.

Serbian designer Aleksander Gavric kicked off the presentations with a sport collection for both women and men. The colors that captured this collection were blue and red. We remain in the area of Serbian designers with Nemanja Pantelic. He proposed a versatile collection of geometric shapes applied to materials such as silk or cotton. Embroidered materials, sequins, transparencies and minimal accessories are the components of the collection “Woman of my Mind” signed by Gorana Rochelle.

Jewels are among the best women’s friends and Jovana Zivkovic knows this very well. Under the Spes Line brand, it featured a line of jewelry and handbags that can be combined with casual or classical gowns. We go on with the series of presentations and we find Jovana Petkovic who proposed for this season fluent and delicate materials. Inspired by Dolce Vita atmosphere, the predominant color was beige, and the collection was addressed to women who are not afraid to value their bodies.

Nori by Jelena Kreckovic Randjelovic rather presented a capsule collection than one in the true sense of the word. With classic dresses, she proposes a collection for romantic women. The shape of butterflies inspired Natasa Pejovic from Montenegro and the fashion of the ’50s for the clothes presented at Serbia Fashion Week.

One of Serbia’s most beloved designers, Danijela Bozic, ended the evening. She presented a business collection with feminine and romantic influences. Despite the exaggerated makeup for lips, Danijela dedicates this collection to all independent and powerful women.

With a loaded schedule and eight designers who have presented their latest collections, I am pointing to the second day of Serbia Fashion Week. I can only mention this, my outfit was provided by Men`s Club and the video can be seen below.



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