Thierry Mugler and his iconic and fantastic creations


Thierry Mugler no longer needs a presentation. When we talk about Mugler’s fashion house, we talk about millions of fans who appreciate the work, but also superstars who are craving for the clothes under the signature of this house.

Mugler’s signatures have been particularly remarkable and attracted the attention of the celebrities. This is how the iconic collection of Thierry Mugler appeared. One of the most appreciated collections was the haute couture of 1997 and 1998. In the 1990s, Mugler managed to be a visionary so he was ahead of his time with his extravagant and futuristic creations.

Thierry Mugler’s signatures are real artworks that surprises every time and make you wonder how he can get all this inspiration for his collections. From metamorphoses, superheroes and cyborgs everything is possible in the Mugler`s world. Madonna, Demi More, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Linda Evangelista, Estelle Halyday, Rossy de Palma, Nadja Auermann, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce are just some of the superstars that wore Thierry Mugler over the years.

Mugler fashion house has kept the original collections and they are now presented to the public at various fashion events or exhibitions. Therefore, the spirit of the Mugler fashion house and the history of this fashion house can be rediscovered and perpetuated.

In the closing ceremony of Serbia Fashion Week in April 2018, designer Thierry Mugler sent some of his iconic outfits to Novi Sad. That is how I managed to discover the intense golden dress used for the Alien Essence Absolue perfume campaign that was one of my favorites. Perhaps it was a unique opportunity to be able to see all the iconic outfits signed by Thierry Mugler.

The history of the Thierry Mugler fashion house can be seen through its creations. Therefore, between 2 March and 8 September 2019, the Museum of Fine Arts from Montreal hosts an impressive exhibition with more than 130 Thierry Mugler outfits, created between 1973 and 2001. Those going to this unique event can see the revolutionary vision of the French designer over time.



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