Serbia Fashion Week – Day 4, November 2018


The fourth day of the Serbia Fashion Week allowed me to be able to record a Novi Sad story. Therefore, in the first part of the day I explored the beautiful city on the Danube.

Because I wanted to highlight many of the aspects of a visit to any city, I chose two places that every tourist looks for: coffee and food. Already I had in mind the shooting places, the tram café and the Aqua Doria restaurant, a Serbian restaurant, right on the Danube. More about the travel material, you will find at the right time on the site!

Coming back to the program of the fourth day of Serbia Fashion Week, it included the designers present in the showroom organized at the Master Center then followed the fashion shows.

Designer Sanja Bobar from Montenegro opened the series of presentations with a feminine collection where the embroidery revealed the silhouettes of the models. Vanessa Macchia represented the MadMood Milano Fashion Week project. She choose a classic line in the catwalk outfits without leaving her comfort zone. Even the Prik brand did not want to be bold with the last collection and chose many simple patterns and lines.

Because Serbia Fashion Week is an international event, the next designer came from Malta. Ritienne Zammit impressed the audience with a collection in which the prints on the materials were the focus of attention. Icons from the Orthodox Church inspired the next collection. Therefore, I was able to find many eclectic elements in the last collection of Serbian designer Milica Trickovic. Jovana Zivkovic is a designer who is specialized in the creation of jewelry. This time, Jovana also wanted to make outfits that match her jewelry line.

Serbia has many designers who are loved by the public, and Suzana Peric enjoys this. She presented her latest collection on Serbia Fashion Week’s catwalk. From metallic colors like golden or silver to black with red, Suzana chose a provocative and sexy woman to wear her creations.

The one who closed the series of fashion shows was French designer Eymeric Francois. “Sortileges” was the collection that everyone was waiting for. The materials used in haute-couture fashion, feathers, metal accessories or corsets were the elements of this collection. With attention to detail, Eymeric has managed once again to meet the expectations of couture lovers.

For the guests, there was a dinner at the “Shiraz” restaurant and two parties at the “Invicta” pub and “Tunel” club. Of course, I checked them all before successfully completing the fourth day of Serbia Fashion Week. Those who are more curious about this day are invited to play the video I have prepared with the Pixel Battalion team. In conclusion, I testify to the fact that on this day I also wore a outfit signed by Men`s Club.



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