Serbia Fashion Week – Day 2, November 2018


I am a coffee addict! Even if I dropped drinking coffee for five years, I came back to this habit and every time I fall in love with the coffee shops from Novi Sad. I have already written about ”Trčka” the coffee shop from the tram. Well, that is how I started the second day of Serbia Fashion Week in the tram.

As the first part of the day was an easy one, I preferred to walk through the center of Novi Sad and Dunavski Park. However, I come back quickly to the hotel to prepare for the day’s presentations.

If at previous editions, I was accustomed to fashion shows being at the Master Center, this time the location was changed for this day. That is how I got to Edseg Castle! A superb building built in 1889 and renovated in 2012 after many decades of ruin. Today it is an impressive building and the interior is as imposing, worthy of a castle.

Because I was talking about the surprises for the guests, this time the organizers had prepared a big one for everyone at the “Edseg” Castle. A live show of how to make a dress to impress. The protagonist of this moment was the French designer, Eymeric Francois, who in 10 minutes made 3 ready-to-wear items perfect to be worn at any red carpet event. Eymeric has shown that if there is passion and talent you can make impressive dresses in a short time.

This is where the finalists of ”Fashion Talent Design Competition” and ”European Fashion Talent Design Competition” presented their collections. The jury was present to decide the winners of the evening, and it had fashion specialists such as Donald Potard, Eymeric Francois, William Arlotti, Svetlana Horvat, Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Adrian J. Mizzi and Branko Popovic.

The evening ended with a reception at the same “Edseg” castle, and the dinner for international guests was at the “Camelot” restaurant, one of my favorite places in Novi Sad. For those who are curious about the course of this day, I invite them to play the video below. And for this day, Men`s Club experts were the ones who made the outfit I had.



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