Serbia Fashion Week – Day 1, November 2018


I am for the fourth time in Novi Sad! I have the same reason this time also, Serbia Fashion Week. For the autumn edition, Svetlana and her team have prepared a special program.

This time, we have successfully crossed Serbia’s customs, reported to the previous edition when we spent an hour entering the country, thanks to the professional photo-video equipment. Turning to more optimistic feelings, it is extremely nice to meet with my friends in Serbia and with other international guests, I already know. It is kind of a meeting every six months.

The first day of Serbia Fashion Week began with a collection inspired by military uniforms and was dedicated to commemorating the end of the First World War. In fact, an impressive scene is just in the city center for the same reason. Returning to the opening of the “Matice Srpske” Gallery, it also included the painting opening “Remembering, Sorrow and Beauty” under the brush of Ivanka Jevtovic.

With the opening of the painting exhibition and inspiration from the Serbian military uniforms, Serbia Fashion Week joins the centenary in which Vojvodina united with Serbia, as well as the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Once the official part ended, a cocktail followed, where music was provided by a traditional Serbian music quartet.

Although I received the detailed schedule for each day, I have a feeling that there will be surprises that the organizers have not gone through in the program, just to make the event even better. To open this edition of Serbia Fashion Week I had an outfit from Men`s Club and below I invite you to watch the video prepared with the Pixel Battalion team.



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