Pure emotion in asymmetrical clothes by Bianca Popp


The Romanian designer Bianca Popp no longer needs a presentation and her collections are pure emotions of various feelings and states.

The presentation from Feeric Fashion Week was a recipe made in one of the production halls of the Boromir factory from Sibiu. A ballet dancer, from the Ballet Theater from Sibiu made the podium performance, which maintained the atmosphere with a flour dance. The barefoot models have walked among the production equipment and flour in asymmetric outfits made 100% from cotton. Made entirely of white, black and dark blue, Bianca Popp`s collection is for everyone regardless of the event they want to go.

The story of this collection is that of the unloved lover because when you are in a relationship you get to love and hate certain aspects of the person next to you. It happens many times that you try to change aspects that you do not like but with little success. In other words, Bianca Popp proposes in her collection a continuous love and hate relationship.



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