Feeric Fashion Week 2018 – Day 3

It is already the third day of the Feeric Fashion Week and right after breakfast I went in the center of the city to have a coffee. I have my habits and coffee is one of them. Now that the coffee craving was satisfied, I was ready for the program that had been announced to be quite full. 

For the first time at Feeric Fashion Week, the Spanish designer Pedro Juan Glez was the one who opened the series of presentations. The ”Femme” collection wanted to be a feminine manifesto for equality, freedom, but also for the right to choose how you want to look and dress. Following was the designer Waleska Morin and the collection “Stela”, inspired by the stars and the sky of the beautiful Canary Islands. 

Already a friend of Feeric Fashion Week and mine, Argentinean designer Pimpi Smith closed the presentations with “O Sole Mio”. The handmade handbags with sparkles, crystals and semi-precious stones were the likes of those present. 

We take the lunch and then head to the Cibin Flour Deal at the Boromir Factory. I was sure it would be spectacular, and it was! Bianca Popp, in collaboration with the Ballet Theater in Sibiu, has prepared an unusual show. Models dressed in Bianca Popp’s latest collection scrolled among the dancers in flour. 

We take the portion of flour, if we can say so, and we go to the beautiful decor of Avrig’s Brukenthal Summer Palace for an Argentinean evening. I am here for the fourth time I think and every time I am astonished by this wonderful place. Pia Carregal from Argentina presented her collection on the stairs that descend from Bel-Etaje to the Oranjeria of the palace. 

Then followed what we all expected, the Argentinean Garden Party. Even though the weather did not helped and rain almost the whole evening, we went into the palace and tasted the Argentinean cuisine and their specific music. During the third day of the Feeric Fashion Week, I had an outfit signed by Viggo Tailoring Cluj and for more color, I invite you to play the video below. 

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