Contemporary fashion “Negativity”

by Zeta 1

Zeta 1 is a premium brand that was born in Barcelona. The designers behind Zeta 1, Beatrice Ferrer and Matteo De Meo presented the “Negativity” collection at Feeric Fashion Week.

The Boromir Factory was the perfect place for models to walk in streetwear-inspired outfits with high quality materials. The techniques used for “Negativity” have been innovative, so that the fabrics could have a maximum of mobility and functionality. With a very small palette of colors, such as blue, grey and black, the outfits from this collection make us think to cities like Berlin and London.

Generation X is the one that designers want to address because they prefer structural but simple shapes. Generation X is the one who likes to show off their bodies through a balance of oversized outfits with those that fit the body.

Zeta 1 is for those who prefer urban style, contemporary fashion, dynamism and minimalistic wear.

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