Serbia Fashion Week, April 2017, Day 2 

Two seminars were scheduled on the second day of Serbia Fashion Week. In a Men`s Club outfit, I took part at the seminar of Tijana Palkovljevic Bugarski, which dealt with topics about the legacy of fashion. The second seminar was about the importance of a showroom and was held by Svetlana Horvat, the president of Serbia Fashion Week. 

Fashion shows from Serbia Fashion Week are divided into groups with cocktail breaks, so the one who opened the series of presentations was Romero Bryan, designer from UK. The woman for whom the designer has created this collection is the one who manages to see the elegance behind simplicity and who, more than anything, appreciates flawless quality.  

Directly from Russia, designer Elena Rudermel came to Serbia Fashion Week, with a delicate collection, full of romance. Elena confessed that she loves to work with silk and that for each collection, she manages to find new ways to make it into original creations. A well-known designer in Serbia is Danijela Bozic. She was inspired for this collection by the beautiful swans. Therefore, we find in her presentation fluid material on which she added feathers to play the story of ”Swan Lake”. 

After a short cocktail break, the last team of designers followed. The talented French designer Ludovic Winterstan proposed for Serbia Fashion Week a collection dedicated entirely to black. A collection full of elegance and sensuality that brings together, in fact, the last three his haute-couture collections. Serbia’s most beloved designer, Zvonko Markovic, ended the second day of presentations at the Master Center. The materials used by Zvonko in his collection are very feminine, and the hand-made finishes add a touch of delicacy and elegance to all his creations. 

Do not forget that the second day of Serbia Fashion Week can be seen in the video, attached to this material!  

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