Serbia Fashion Week, April 2017, Day 3 

The first part of the third day was dedicated to young designers. Serbia Fashion Week, in collaboration with the National Fashion Chamber of Serbia, had organized an international platform to support young designers. This is how Fashion Talents Design Competition (FTDC) and European Fashion Talent Design Competition (EFTDC) appeared. The goal is to give young designers the opportunity to speak internationally in the fashion industry. 

From the FTDC and EFTDC exhibition, we entered the hall where the catwalk for the presentations of designers participating in Serbia Fashion Week had been installed. The Romanian brand Lui by Luiza opened the fashion evening with a versatile collection and many golden details that can be worn from morning until evening. 

With couture-style materials, Eymeric Francois brought the “Poison” collection on the catwalk to Serbia Fashion Week. The collection had many challenging lines and combinations of red and black. The models have walked confidently and with alert steps on the podium, precisely to poison with their beauty anyone who came watched them. 

The evening continued with Serbian designer Ana Vasiljevic who prepared a collection that combined romanticism and geometric shapes in a simple and tasteful manner. Marija Sabic is the designer who discovers new ways to emphasize the sensuality of the female body and uses novel combinations of materials, shapes and inspirational sources. All these aspects I found on the podium, the models that wore the outfits created by her. 

Bosko Jakovljevic is one of the designers who surprise us with pieces that are out of the ordinary for each presentation. What made him out of anonymity, this time, is his commercial approach, with pieces ready to be worn by any man. 

With three Serbian designers and me in a Men`s Club costume, we ended the third day of Serbia Fashion Week and the video is waiting for you to watch it. 

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