Serbia Fashion Week, April 2017, Day 5 

Serbia Fashion Week has reached the penultimate day but still has a lot to offer and the program is just as intense. For the first part of the day, the organizers prepared a workshop on fashion photography, supported by Nikki Chicanot and Samir Bahrir from Paris. Fashion enthusiasts have made their appearance at the Master Center in Novi Sad in order to take part in the latest collections with which the designers came to this event. 

Aleksander Gavric is a young designer from Serbia. He is only 16 years old, and already at his second fashion show, and the feedback for his creations is a very good one. At Serbia Fashion Week he presented a collection inspired by urban architecture. The podium then belonged to the Lagami brand. The designer of this fashion house says she chooses to work with natural materials every time, and sometimes she likes to experiment with unusual ones. 

Designer Maja Toskovic brought to Serbia Fashion Week a collection where black predominates in materials such as silk and lace. The pink pearl we found in some of the pieces gave the color spot. Mladen Milivojevic Baron does not stop to amaze us every time. Baron’s colorful collection reflects the colorful life of the designer, combining sporty and elegant style in a modern one. 

The Serbian brands Equi and Lepa Couture were the ones who finished the evening. Ljiljana Vujanovic, the designer behind Equi brought to our attention all the military uniforms in a very chic way. On the other hand, Lepa Couture presented “The Strong Woman’s Symphony”. The original fashion creator from Serbia is known for her handmade details and many celebrities choose to wear her outfits. 

The day ended, as it could not have been better, a dinner at the Aqua Doria restaurant on the Danube shore, and in order for everything to be perfect, just watch the video of the fifth day. 

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