Serbia Fashion Week, April 2017, Day 6 

I started my last day from Serbia Fashion Week in style. A visit to the Petrovaradin Fortress proved to be the most beautiful choice for that morning. The view over Novi Sad and the Danube is beautiful, and I think that the coffee has another taste there, a bohemian one. 

My dear friend, fashion blogger Paola Buonacara that you find on launched the sixth day of Serbia Fashion Week. She held a seminar about how to have a successful fashion blog and gave her little tips for those present.  

Erik Rosete, designer from the United States of America, gave the start of Master Center presentations. His brand, Mister Triple X has rocked the podium with provocative outfits proposed by the designer. Erik managed to turn the casual style into a very sexy and challenging one. The series of bold outfits continued with Deja Lukic, from Montenegro. 

Talent Odair Pereira fromthe Netherlands always surprises. The Dair brand is not for everyone because the approach to clothing is unique. Geometric lines and very bold, evidence these materials. At every fashion week there is a designer who chooses to address his work to brides. In this edition, Serbian designer Maja Marukic proposed handmade wedding dresses made of lace. 

I had the pleasure to discover Vasilije Kovacev at Feeric Fashion Week and I cannot wait for his collections ever since. Bold and with attitude, Kovacev’s creations combine quality materials in women’s and men’s wear. This time, black was the central element of the collection presented at Serbia Fashion Week. The fashion evening ended with the latest collection signed by German designer Arrey Kono. She said she loves movement and materials that have life and texture. That is why she chooses to work with futuristic and leather materials. 

The eight edition of Serbia Fashion Week has gathered on the same catwalk talented and confident designers on their work, just as surely as I went in my Men’s Club all day long. After the last day’s presentation, all the guests and fashion enthusiasts were invited to a party up to the Petrovaradin Fortress in the Tunnel Club. 

You can relive the atmosphere of this day with a play on the video I have prepared. 

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