Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, July 2017, Day 5 

The last day of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week was very relaxed. Normally you do not talk about relaxing at such an event but for my luck, the time was on my side. 

As you already know, I had my morning coffee next to the Pompidou Center, and then I walked on the streets to Notre Dame Cathedral. This day, I decided to take pictures to many tourist attractions.  

Walking on the streets, I arrived at the American Cathedral in Paris, the place where my good friend, French designer Eymeric Francois, presented his latest collection. “Icône” was the name chosen for this. The idea was to work on something that is between the religious icon and the war icon. We find in Eymeric’s clothes a very colorful character, even if the designer is a fan of the black. For this collection, he used very strong colors for a strong woman. 

What I forgot to tell you is that yesterday I was in Eymeric’s atelier, alongside the beautiful Tamara Milicevic, an international model from Serbia. I was glad to see the collection before it reached the catwalk and so I found out that the heaviest dress form “Icône” had 16 kg. 

Returning to the presentation at the American Cathedral in Paris, the models walked on live music, which had an extraordinary resonance in such a building. The floral decor was also very beautiful with golden accents, which harmoniously completed the collection. 

The evening ended with a dinner and impressions after presentation and fashion week alongside Tamara, Sergiu, Bogdan Paskas, Olivier, Eymeric and other members from his team. All the atmosphere of this day can be watched in the video I prepared and my outfits for the whole week were provided by Men`s Club. 

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