Feeric Fashion Week, 2018  

It has been a year and I am on my way again to Sibiu for Feeric Fashion Week. It was only yesterday that the 10th edition started and today’s 11th edition begins. I have the impression that every year Feeric Fashion Week crosses the boundaries of Romania and Europe more and more and it seems that this is true. 

The review with all my friends makes the road to Sibiu easier to drive, but at the same time, I do not have the patience to meet with them. One of the beautiful things of this fashion week are the friendships I tie each year. 

I have received the program for the whole week and Mitichi with his team have big plans from the perspective of the designers, the invitations and the locations they have chosen. I can say for sure that Feeric Fashion Week is a standard of creativity and imagination. The locations were very different, from the Astra Museum to the Stairs Passage, the Equestrian Horseback Riding Club in Șelimbăr, the Boromir factory, the Military Circle, Avrig’s Brukenthal Summer Palace, a skate park, a car representative, etc. I am not telling you more, but I let you discover the daily articles and videos I am preparing. 

The novelty of this edition was the Feeric33 competition with over 100 young designers enrolled in the contest. A jury composed of extraordinary personalities from the fashion world who were also present in Sibiu judged 33 of them. I refer here to: Liana Satenstein – representative of Vogue USA, Riccardo Terzo – representative of Vogue Italia, Diane Pernet – ASVOF president, Adriana di Lello – editor-in-chief Elle Italia, Raoul Keil – editor-in-chief Schon Magazine London, Elisabeta Tudor – editor Chief of Modzik, Tania Cursano – the owner of IT.Elite showroom in Milan and Patricia Lerat – Designer Apartment coordinator, Paris. 

For more and more detailed coverage, I will have one article for each festival day alongside the designers’ collections of that day and the atmosphere of the festival. As every year, the Feeric Closing Gala took place in the Small Square of Sibiu on an impressive catwalk where the hosts of the evening were Cosmina Păsărin and Derek Warburton. 

Before finishing, I want to thank Mitichi for the invitation to participate in this event, the Pixel Battalion team for video footage and video editing, and finally yet importantly, the Viggo Tailoring Cluj stylists for the outfits I wore on throughout the Feeric Fashion Week. 

Below I prepared a video with the Feeric Fashion Week atmosphere as well as the impressions of those present at this festival and how they felt the #feelfeeric feeling from Sibiu.  

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