Anna Fendi and how fashion means discipline! 

Not many are the occasions when I have the opportunity to meet very great personalities in fashion. Somehow, I once had those 5 minutes of luck for an interview with the fashion designer and entrepreneur Anna Fendi. 

When it comes to luxury and fashion, the Fendi House managed to impose itself with elegance and refinement every time, as well as one of its founders, Anna Fendi. 

The best qualities for Anna Fendi are creativity, determination, aesthetic sense or perseverance. All this she has forced them into the collections of the Fendi House over the years alongside Karl Lagerfeld. After Fendi House, Anna then devoted herself to other luxury projects, including leather accessories or luxury yacht design, like the Invictus 370 GT. 

Over the years, the wines went hand in hand with fashion. She, as a beauty lover and for the good taste for wines, she launched the collection “AFV – Anna Fendi Winebar”. After many years of traveling, research and passion, alongside her life partner Giuseppe Tedesco, they have signed an exclusive wine collection for people to enjoy the Italian spirit and, of course, the ”made in Italy” brand. 

Beyond the warm and charming smile remains her strong personality, the one who puts her mark on promoting “made in Italy”. For this reason, in 2011 she was the first Italian woman to receive the prestigious IWF Hall of Fame Award. 

Even though fashion also means discipline, as Anna Fendi says in fashion, ”beauty is timeless and weightless. Beauty cannot generate but beauty.” 

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