Diane Pernet or how to be a global style icon? 

8 years ago, I meet for the first time the mysterious Diane Pernet. Why mysterious? Because, like the spiders in her hair, either you like her from the first moment, or you dislike it. We meet last year at her A Shaded View on Fashion Film festival in Sofia and it seemed that we had not seen each other for several months. Coincidentally or not, also in 2008 she launched her famous fashion film festival. 

A respected designer, journalist, critic and founder of one of the world’s best fashion film festivals that is how can be described in a few words Diane Pernet. What makes her more special is her continued desire to find new talents in fashion and those who have something to say in the fashion industry. 

From 2014, we can appreciate her own perfume line, but we will talk about this in a future interview. Until then, if you have the curiosity to find out what where the reasons for her to move from New York to Paris, also what she thinks about fast fashion, or what tips she has for young designers and film directors, I invite you to watch the interview in this article. By the way, I have not missed any questions about her hair accessories, made by talented Miguel Villalobos and Mario Salvucci. So that you know, I made the interview in the New York street at Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria, so the emotions would be bigger for Diane.  

A fashion icon, with an impressive life story, Diane Pernet is one of the pioneers of digital culture, her fashion blog being active since 2005. All her work is appreciated so that among many other awards, last year she received the title of Female Style Icon by Fashion.Net.   

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