Leslie Kee, the photographer who dared to dream! 

We greeted with the smile on our lips and until an extraordinary interview was no more than a step! Leslie Kee is the one who dared! He dared to follow his dream and today he is one of the best fashion photographers in the world. Known for his images and the work he has done in this field, Kee has been published in the most prestigious magazines such as Vogue, L`Officiel, Elle, Harper`s Bazaar and many more. 

Despite this, meeting with Leslie Kee was a great surprise for me. For a photographer who has collaborated with Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell Williams or renowned brands such as Anteprima, Lexus, Levi’s, Gap, Adidas and the list can continue, Kee is extremely modest. About how he worked with Beyonce and Yohji Yamamoto you will find out more from the interview in this article. 

The photographer who receives up to $ 40,000 a day at a photo shoot, revealed to me what are the most important three aspects in fashion photography. Moreover, the interview with Leslie Kee, was held in the New York set, from Nu Boyana Film Studios. In addition, you can find out what means fashion for him and how he sees the legendary Yohji Yamamoto.  

Because the talented people who fight for what they want, they receive sooner or later the deserved recognition, Leslie Kee has been named the official photographer for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Tokyo. 

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