„Give me the future” Gala 2016 

“Give me the future” gala is one of the most important charity events in Cluj-Napoca. It was born on the initiative of people willing to make a change and to help renovate the Oncopediatrics section from Cluj-Napoca. The event that reached its fifth edition took place on 14 December 2016 at the Granata Hotel in Cluj-Napoca. 

I am happy to have been invited to host this charity gala for the second year in a row, and for this I have to thank to some people with big heart: Mariana Cioca, Daniela Feher, Anda Feher and Ane Paszkany.  

The 2016 event proposed two major social causes: 80% of the raised money were directed to the Department of Oncology of the Oncology Institute, Prof. Ioan Chiricuţă, Cluj-Napoca, and 20% went to a series of creative and educational workshops for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Artists from ”Fabrica de Pensule” held the workshops. 

During the event a sales exhibition was also prepared, in which we found contemporary art works by local and international artists, as well as various objects that were put at the auction. All the money therefore went to the causes of the “Give me the future” gala. 

Like every year, 150-200 people were invited the event, including TV celebrities, established artists, bloggers, designers, art collectors, and business persons. To explain the needs of children from the Children’s Hospital, Dr. Călin Lăzar spoke to the audience. After finishing the auction, David & Six Martini held a concert for all those present at the gala. 

In the previous editions, more than 50,000 euros were raised by the auction. With this money, the organizers changed completely the furniture from the Oncopediatrics department. They bought a salon sterilization station, an electrocardiograph, a portable oxygen station and some irradiation masks for brain tumors for children. They equipped the Department of Pediatrics with beds, pillows, pilots, refrigerators, microwave ovens. They have completely renovated two bathrooms at the Oncopediatrics section and two bathrooms at the Children’s Pediatric Clinic 1 Cluj-Napoca. Also they purchased materials and toys for the play room and contributed to the library from ”Fabrica de Pensule”.  

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