„Give me the future” Gala 2017 

The “Give me the future” gala has become the most representative charity event in Cluj-Napoca over the years and the support for this event came from partners and sponsors who have been with the organizers throughout the 6 years. 

The event was held in the NOA Club on November 28, 2017 and with great joy I hosted it for the third year with the same emotions as the previous editions. 

The 2017 gala had two priority causes: the sponsorship of the Department of Oncology of the Oncological Institute Prof. Ion Chiricuţă and the improvement of the comfort at the Pediatric Clinic 1 in Cluj-Napoca. Within the gala, a traditional auction was organized with the purpose of raising funds for these causes. 

In the previous editions of this event, where Granata Hotel and Fabrica de Pensule were partners, more than 60,000 euros were auctioned, with this money being renovated at the Department of Oncology Department of the Oncological Institute Prof. Dr Ion Chiricuţă. The funds obtained from the donations in the event and the auction have all turned to the benefit of the two causes. To better, explain the importance of such an event Dr. Rodica Cosnarovivi and Dr. Călin Lazăr talked to the public. 

The organizational costs of the event are covered each year from products, services, or sponsored funds. The gala is organized and supported with volunteers and partners. During the event, a sales exhibition was also prepared, in which the present participants found works of contemporary art by local and international artists, as well as various objects that were put to auction.  

Synonymously with the best cover band in recent years in Transylvania, David & The Six Martini Band responded affirmatively to the invitation to give a concert at ”Give Me the Future” gala and Vlăduţa Lupău prepared a recital with ”Rapsozii Maramureşului” for the approximately 250 people present at the event. 

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